About Us


We've experienced hands-on the lowest of lows as footballers, let me run you through the images above.



On the left you can see Josh after his ACL operation.



At the age of 21... the only thing he knew was taken away from him, playing football.



Whereas you can see Nathan on the right sitting on the bench.



Nathan spent the most of 3 whole seasons on the bench from 16-19 years of age, the best time for a player to develop.






We weren't training correctly.



We didn't have the platform we needed to truly see the mistakes we were making in our day-to-day life as footballers.



A platform that is missing in the world of football.



Look, we understand your struggles - and it's not your fault.



You simply don't have all the knowledge yet, and you haven't been provided with the platform you deserve.



We didn't know the difference from working out like a bodybuilder and footballer.



We didn't know how to efficiently fuel our body with nutrition for performance.



We didn't know how to network and find professional clubs to trial at.



We knew nothing.



But through years of research, learning, studying, and practice - we got better.



After finally getting an understanding and mastering the knowledge of football development.



We were able to take these practices into our own games.



We were finally able to get over our injuries, and develop into completely different players.



You can see Josh on the right signing his first professional contract.



And more importantly, we now have the ability and platform to help other players do this every single day.



We help players just like you develop into the player you've always dreamed about.