Who Are JNM?

Find out how we went from struggling Sunday League ballers, to playing in over 5+ countries (including the professional level)

The Start

We grew up living & breathing football. If we weren't playing (probably were), then we were talking about it. If we weren't talking about it, we were watching it.

As young kids, we went to school & then headed straight to the pitch to play for hours on end. (Until the street lights turned on, then we knew it was home time...)

As 6 & 8 year olds, we played for hours everyday with kids aged 12-15 - which gave us a huge head start over the other kids our age.

So we grew up ballin'.

After performing well for our local clubs, we both made moves to academy football pretty quickly.

Josh (who was then a GK), got scouted & joined Stevenage FC whilst playing county football.

And Nathan despite getting scouted by Tottenham FC, ended up joining closer academy Cambridge United.

Josh at just the age of 13, decided to move with our father to the other side of Europe.

Soon after moving to Serbia, Josh joined local academy FK TSC (Bačka Topola). - Who now play at the first division.

Nathan's struggles started at the age of 14.

His first injury struck.


Ankle ligament, gone.

4 months out.

After a solid season...

Groin... gone.

After 3 months of physiotherapy, he returned.

For 2 weeks, same injury reoccured.

And again, and again, and again.


He was now 16, and hadn't played consistently for over 2 years now.

Time To Quit?

"It was tough...

I wasn't sure whether this was the end.

But I couldn't let it be the end. I decided to invest all of my money & time learning everything I could about the body, football development, and trial opportunities.

It was a tough 18 months, but it was worth it.

Look at what we've achieved since this!" - Nathan

After spending thousands of dollars and years of his time.

Nathan was filled with confidence.

And he was FINALLY:

✅ Injury FREE

✅ Had the most match-fitness in the team

✅ Playing to an incredible standard

Actually enjoying football again, just like he did in the park with Josh as a kid

His teammates starting asking questions...

"What are you doing outside of team training"?

"How did you make these huge improvements?"

"Wtf bro?"

"Can you coach me?"

And coach he did.

To no surprise, Nathan's teammates starting getting similar results.

And fast forward to today... where Josh & Nathan have helped over 1000+ footballers reach their goals all over the world.

The Process

And we use the same JNM Networking Methods that allowed Josh to sign his first professional contract.

The same methods, that we used to help our client 'Bartek' get a 1st division trial (Livingston FC).

The same process, that we used to help our client 'Albin' get 3 club offers in 1 week.

And it's the same process, that'll help you reach your goals as a footballer...

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