Are you ready to take your football game to the next level and secure a professional tryout opportunity? Join our Pro Tryout Launchpad Challenge, a comprehensive, free 7-day challenge designed to fast-track your journey to the professional leagues.

  • Elite Coaching

    Learn from JNM Football themselves with their proven track record of helping players achieve their dreams.

  • Pro Development

    Improve your technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills to become the player you wish you could be.

  • Secure Tryouts

    Gain insider tips on using the internet to find & secure professional tryout opportunities.

The Layout

Day 1: Initial Assessment & Goal Setting
Kick off your journey with a thorough skills assessment and set personalised, ambitious goals for the week.

Day 2: Technical Skills Enhancement
Hone your ball control, dribbling, and passing with expert-led drills and tutorials.

Day 3: Tactical Understanding & Game IQ
Elevate your game intelligence with match analysis and tactical positioning webinars.

Day 4: Physical Conditioning & Endurance
Boost your fitness with tailored conditioning circuits and strength training exercises.

Day 5: Mental Preparation & Confidence Building
Develop a winning mindset with visualisation techniques and confidence-building exercises.

Day 6: Online Networking & Self-Promotion
Master the art of self-promotion with workshops on creating a standout Football CV, networking on social media, and connecting with coaches and scouts online.

Day 7: Final Review & Next Steps
Evaluate your progress, create a personalised action plan, and learn how to leverage your new skills to secure tryout opportunities.

Join These Success Stories

  • Kyle

    Secured a professional contract in Sweden after being with us for just a week.

  • Darren

    Secured a professional trial in England within 5 hours of joining JNM Football.

  • Bartek

    Invited for full pre-season in the 1st division of Scotland from just his local club.

Take the First Step Towards Your Professional Football Career

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to accelerate your football development and open doors to professional tryouts. Join the Pro Tryout Launchpad Challenge today and start your journey towards becoming a professional football player.

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