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  • 1) Prepare For Call

    You've just received a confirmation email with all the details of the call.

    The call will take place on Google Meet, you can find the link to join in your email.

    If you CANNOT join the call, you must either let us know or reschedule - you can do that in the call confirmation email at the bottom.

  • 2) What To Expect + Your To-Do List

    - Make sure you're alone in a room (or with the other household decision makers). A place where you can concentrate on the call alone.

    Ideally, be on a laptop.

    - Don't be walking around on the street or in your car, the call will be ended.

    - Join the call at least 2 minutes early. We choose who we work with very carefully, and this is your first opportunity to give us a first impression. Do not be late.

    - Have some common courtesy and do not "no-show", that just wastes our time and we won't let you reschedule

    - If something comes up or your change your mind, either cancel the call or let us know. Don't just vanish

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    You MUST watch the following video below this text.

    This will be my first question when we start the call.

    If you join the call WITHOUT watching this full video, the call will be ended immediately.

    If you do not attend the call without letting us know, you will be banned from working with us.

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