The Football Recovery Session Workout Plan

Playing to the best of your ability in football is absolutely crucial. But what’s just as important is your football recovery habits. Playing well is good, but it’s the best players who play amazingly week in week out. And a good recovery regime is absolutely crucial for this.

You must recover efficiently by the time your next training session comes around. There are a lot of topics when it comes to recovery within football, so let’s start with the basics.

You probably wonder all the time what to take after a workout or match for recovery, and never truly know the right answer. But the truth is there’s no need to overcomplicate things. After a match, electrolytes are amazing for recovery and a high-protein meal within a few hours of the final whistle. 

Getting both an electrolyte drink in and some protein within a couple hours of finishing a football match will aid your recovery. But it’s not just about what to intake. Your post game recovery workout is absolutely crucial too.

So what are some football recovery exercises?

You’ve probably thought to yourself that you should rest the day after a match in order to recover, this is wrong. You need to get in a proper recovery workout. This is where the term ‘active recovery’ comes in. The best way to allow muscles to recover is by increasing blood flow to said area.

And how do we do this?

Working out is one way, and a great way. Start with some light active recovery, like a light static bike ride, or light jog on the treadmill, even swimming is excellent in these circumstances. After, feel free to do some light weight work on your whole body with a focus on the legs.

By doing this, you’ll increase blood flow to the muscles that were working so hard in yesterday’s match. And this will help you recover in time for your next session.

After the weight work, a deep full body stretch and foam roll will aid your recovery even further. Once completing all of these, you can consider yourself recovered and ready for the next training session.

If you feel tired or tight after training sessions, you can even do lighter recovery sessions throughout the week in order to feel fresh for all your training sessions.

Here at JNM, we make sure your recovery regime is completely tailored to you to make sure you feel 100% fit and fresh for every single session and match.

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