The Ultimate Soccer Training Program for Beginners

In order to start developing into a professional soccer player, you must master the fundamentals of the game. Without fully grasping the understanding of the basic skills, your career in the long-term will be severely penalised. And before we get into how to do this, you first need to understand why this is so important.

If you were to analyse a professional soccer player, or a match in general - you’ll notice a few things. All the top professionals do the simple things extremely well. Movement, communication, playing off of one or two touches, control, all these things must be developed and improved over an extremely consistent basis.

If you can master these skills, and actually take action on them in games by doing the simple things at a very good level - you’ll impress all the scouts and coaches. This is why when doing individual soccer training, you must have a focus on the fundamental technical skills. That includes your touch, control, dribbling, passing, etc. With a lack of technical skills, you’ll have a tough time pursaiding any team you’re worth their precious time.

Soccer training sessions can look very different from player to player. As each player is different, so are their strengths, weaknesses, schedules, and more. This is why a soccer training program must be tailored towards the needs and goals of each individual player. But when creating your own individual soccer program, if you can look back at every session and think “you know what, I have done a lot of work today on the fundamental technical skills” - you’ll do incredible things in the long-term.

All too often players make the mistake of heading out to the field to train and overwork themselves. And you have to give them credit, they’re willing to work at such an intensity that they can’t even train the following day. But this is exactly what you want to avoid. Training as a soccer player, those who work with the most consistency and smartness are the ones who get the best results and ultimately, become the best player. Yes, of course hard work is a pillar of success. But training smart is just as important, if not more.

In every soccer player’s career, there is one time period during the year when you can somewhat overwork yourself. That is the off-season period, where there is no pressure to perform. Unlike during the season, where you must tailor your workload to your match schedule. The last thing you want to do as a soccer player is turn up on match day feeling fatigued. But during the off-season period where there are no matches, you have no pressure at all. You can feel tired, sore, overwork - to some extent, all whilst considering risk of injury.

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