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JNM Football

The Football Fitness Bible

The Football Fitness Bible

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Purchase JNM's newly released fitness program today and get ready for match day!

This program is aimed to get you match fit. It includes a fitness test, to give you a better understanding of how far you are from match fitness. After, it has a 5-week full training program with both strengthening and conditioning sessions. It has countless workouts, with hundreds of exercises. All with full reps and sets.

Fitness is extremely important in football, and it can make all the difference between winning and losing. Having the ability to make that last minute sprint may just win your team the match. And if you lose because you couldn't make that run, well you're the one to blame. As an athlete, you cannot let this happen. You must take action to make the changes you need. We're so happy for those who have taken action so far, and have now reached their fitness goals and ultimately, improved their performance!

We've been working on this program for a while, so thank you for considering purchasing it and if you do... enjoy!

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